wish i was there for you!


Yeah I know title is so cheesy. But who can help it? who can resist the charm he emits? I know, I know maybe you’ll say that I’m just a crazy fan like everybody else. but believe me, it’s no ordinary ‘fandomism’. What the heck? I don’t care. What I know is that, this is right. If a small chance maybe, if he can read this, I want you to know, leeteuk, my angel, that even if there’s the miles away gap between us, I know I love you deep in my heart. I wanted to be always there for you no matter what. And it hurts deep inside cause I know there’s a little possibility that I can be with you.

I hate the fact that I’m just a nobody in your world while you’re a “somebody’ in my world. But despite all  those facts, I want you to know that your music had inspired me. Inspired me in a lot of things. Its been great since I’ve known you from YouTube, sj-world.net, angeleeteuk, and every site I can find you. I want you to know that you have inspired me that really true love exist. Cause in my life, you do exist. I wish I was there when you felt that you wanna give up. I wish I can be there for you all time. Actually, I have been here all along for you. But I wanted to be right where you are.

I wish that by any means, somehow you would notice my message for you.

here’s an original composition I made JUST FOR YOU. entitled ‘everyday’

Everyday by enneilu


you gave light,

to brighten the path.

Showed there’s hope,

deep inside my heart.


Your smile,

gave me strength.

to face all those hardships,

Oh now, I want to thank you.

Chorus I.

Everyday, of my life,

oh how I want to be with you,

Everyday, of my life,

oh how I want to live with you.

(hope there’s a chance for me)


I’m so thankful,

oh God, for giving me my angel.

everything from you,

illuminated to brighten my day.

Chorus II.

Everyday, of my life,

oh how I want to kiss you.

Everyday, of my life,

oh how I want to be touched by you.

(hope there’s a chance for me)


And now know, it would be an impossible dream.

But I wish, you could know,

You’re the only one for me.


Everyday, of my life,

I’ve been blessed by God,

Everyday, of my life,

You’re the only one…

One for me.


2 thoughts on “wish i was there for you!

  1. super sweet, dearie 🙂 i know what you mean.
    I 100% no….. x100000000%
    understand your feelings, i can say whatever you’ve just expressed is exactly how im feeling, funny right? XD hehe….

    And beautiful composition, i wish he will be able to see it one day 🙂
    perhaps sing it to you 🙂
    Why am i being so nice/ HAHA id be dead jealous XD

    but yay, ❤
    love him forever.

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