Endless Night

Endless Night by enneilu

In the late hours of the night,

I stay up thinking of the man I love.

Like the star shining above,

You’re the one I love.

I know some might misunderstand me,

But I know deep inside my own,

No other one, except you.

It may not show, but it’s you that I’ve been yearning for.

It may not have that sense, no rhythm at all,

But my love’s melody will keep going on.

Like the breeze that sings the loveliest song,

It will be the water that’s flowing endlessly in the night.

I may be that far,

But I’m keeping you here as near as possible,

In my heart, you’ll see you.

I thank the heavens for giving you to me,

I’ll sing forever, the love of my life,

And  you’re the song of my love.




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