Thoughts by enneilu

Every time I see your face,

I’m reminded that they’re not for me;

That even your trace,

Will be priced too much for me.

But how could I ever let you go?

When in the start you were never mine;

Yet, my heart is telling me so,

To keep on following your shine.

Reality was the cause of this,

Emptiness was another;

This feeling was a bliss,

But won’t go any further.

Emaciated physique,

Full of tears and tired eyes,

Frivolous clique,

Will you lead me to the skies?

I know I shouldn’t ask for more,

Cause there’s nothing you can do;

But I’ll be here, in yore,

Present or future; waiting in blue.


(this is an original work. PLEASE DO ASK PERMISSION when taking it out.)


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