Boundless Fate.

It’s been years. And ever since, I’ve already know the truth. In fact, I’ve never been ashamed about it. But, only this time did I ever realize how much I’m in love with you. That, only this time did the truth ever sinks in. I’ve fallen so much for you. And the sad part is you never know any of this. You don’t have a single idea what’s going on in me. But you know what? What I find funny about this is that, despite of that fact, I am still in love with you. The pain grows day by day. No kidding. Why? Probably because of the distance between us. The greater the distance, the lesser the attraction. May be true to you, but for me, no. Because alongside pain, also deepens my love. Surreal. Because I’ve never thought of such possibilities. No. It’s not a possibility anymore. It’s reality. A reality that I perceived as an ideal. And it’s been long before I’ve finally proved to myself that what I’m feeling is the reality. It’s real. I should probably tell you that you’ve been my inspiration since. That it’s because of you why I wrote countless poems. It’s because of you why I’ve learned to finally, let my guards down. To finally, let someone in. I still may be cautious at times, but it’s a good start. I’ve always kept out people from me. Because I keep losing them. So I thought I better let go of them even before I finally realize they’ve left me. But you. It was always so different when it comes to you. From you that I’ve learned to breathe. To finally, accept the truth that people come and go in our lives. Because of my years-long hold on my love for you that made me conclude that I should save all my love for you.

I have vowed. My love should not perish but should flourish. I will nurture it. And I will surely treasure it. With you, I have realized that fairy-tales don’t exist because fairies don’t make tales. It’s you who will make them. And of course, it is also you that should do the storytelling part.

And from this and on, I vow to make my tales, with you, come true.



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