Cold Afternoon.

Yes. It’s definitely a cold afternoon. Not because the weather’s good but because of the loneliness in my heart.


There goes my heart. Fluttering over someone whom I’ve been loving for almost 3 years, and on going. Of course. Of course. Why would I ever let go of that someone when I know he’s the ANGEL of my life?


He’s happily in love with someone else. And, yes. I’ve been loving him secretly for those 3 years.

I felt a tear fall down on my cheeks. I wiped it out. Will all my love be in vain?

Yeah. I forgot. I vowed.

I have vowed to love him forever. Even if he doesn’t love me back. He’s my reality now. It’s not over yet.


I should be a doctor first. Right. I’ll be a doctor first. Then.

Then and only then we can be together.

Please. Wait for me. Don’t put my love in vain.



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