The Sun Died Out.

Enthralled by your sweetness, I could only mouth the words I want to speak of your austerity. We’ve been like this for awhile now, facing; now trying to end what was once we knew called forever. We never heard the shouts of our piercing voices; you, using your superiority on me, and I, using what I know is right. Yet still, we continue to write our irrational ditties; the literary of our ending.


You got up, and threatened me you’ll never go back. I’ve never felt so rapturous on thought of your leaving. But, you have concluded. And never did I presume of what have happened. All I know is, you came back with a big smile on your face. And for the last years, have I never seen you in such bliss. I was aghast; yet I couldn’t move from where I am. Nor did you moved from where you are. Suddenly, you moved your left hand, pointing it towards me. A loud click; I heard it coming from near you. Not a sound has escaped from neither. Finally, I can see both of us falling on the floor.


Trying to look up, I reached for my chest. Erratic, my heart started to pound like crazy. I can feel the warm gush of rebicund on my body; slowly enveloping me. Despite all of this, I could only think of one thing, my happiness; finally being able live to without you. Then at last, I let myself drift into the vast reveries of mankind.


I’ve always pondered on why did you take your life? I know we have fought battles to win for our own selves. How I wish I could still keep in touch with you and tell you all these things happening to me right now. There’s a lot who takes care of me right now; very unlike when I was still with you. By the way, I live in an enigmatic place no one knows, though I’ve heard few of us live there. And, I have a new lover; he always wears white. He looks just like you but I noticed though, he has a wounded hand.



julienne navarra ©2011 


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