Beautiful Goodbye.

I know it’s been ages. I must admit. This post is an emotion-driven one. I actually can’t contain what I’m feeling right now.

But first, I want to say thank you.

THANK YOU for creating this kind of love. THIS love that no one, no one until now has experienced. no wait. WE have created this love. Each one of us was there when we created this love. And what’s so good about it is that it kept growing – from us, to all the people striving hard to keep this world of ours growing. Thank you for being there for us. For me. Our Sapphire Blue world will keep growing.

Thank you for letting each one of us feel loved. You never failed to keep us remembered how much you care and love us. And since you tried to, even if you’ll be gone, we, I will never forget you. Come to think of it, your face now lingers in me.


Then, I should be sorry.

I’M SORRY for not being always there for you. I have reasoned that you have others as well so I might just leave you at times. But, hell I was so wrong about that. YOU were always there for us, for me. And it pains me to think that I have thought of such thing about you. I’m really sorry for that. I should be also sorry for not being able to appreciate you and what you’ve done for me in the start. I, always thought that you just do things in that way, never thinking that you HAVE always done things in that way because you truly care for us. For me.

I. Remember that I will always love you. from now and on.


Let me fill you up with happiness – I’m repaying you back what you’ve given to me. Let me cry, not because of weariness but because of my undying love for you. Let me be your wings – forever we’ll soar high.


always and forever. let me be with you.


Eeteuk: Thank you to Heechul for becoming one of the members of Super Junior, I love you.


The people I want to thank most is our members.

All the dongsaengs listen to what your hyungs say.

And my friend Jungsoo..

wuli Teukie is really very tired, thank you very very much.

Lastly, I want to thank our fans, ELF.

I will come back safely.

chinese tran cr: 凝幻@微博

english trans by @xavier_x007x from worldwideelfs”

it’s not the end. it’s just another and.


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