Enmity For Youth.

On an early Sunday morning, Amor had to go out with her parents for a Sunday Mass. She hated this time of the week. She hated it for she can’t play with her playmates. She envied them because she knows they can play whenever they want – even on Sundays. “Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll just pray for an hour then we could play again,” her mother reassured her. But she knows better than this; it’ll be an hour of boredom, madness, and lame preaching. She tried to behave herself to prove she’s been better. She listened intently to what the Reverend Father is preaching. Oh! But she can’t wait any longer. She drifted to her imagination with her playmate playing around – under the hot sun of May. She can’t wait to share all the chocolate she made by herself last night. She was sure ready to go when the Father announced that the mass has ended. Freedom! She shouted in her head. Now, she can play ‘til she gives up herself.


They headed home after an agonizing hour she thought. She went straight to get her chocolates and she even left one for her dad. Outside their house was her haven. She couldn’t longer contain the happiness as soon as she held out her hand to give away the chocolates she made to her playmates. She thought no one would stop her until her mom did so. “Amor, come in for a second. We have something to talk about,” her mother called out. She reluctantly went in. Her whole body was being dragged by her feet. And as soon as she got in of their house, she knew it. She knew it all along! “What have I done mom, why do you I have to be back here?!” But her mom never responded. Instead she saw flares and dust of smoke arising from her back. She even saw the melted chocolate she made in her dad’s hands. “What’s happening? Mom, Dad?” No one ever responded her queries. What answered her though was the loud music of the fire trucks and the police cars that’s now surrounding their house.


“The child! The child did it! She even gave my children chocolate with glass shards! That child is a demon!” cried a woman outside their house. The woman was already set to hurt her. Amor then ran towards the police behind her. “Protect me Mr. Police officer. I’m afraid of that woman,” she said while hiding behind his back. “Stop these fallacies young woman!” the police said while spanking her head. “You’re under arrest for murder and frustrated murder. You think you can hide forever in this childish façade? It was you who did all of this demonic acts! How could you kill your own parents?”



©JN 2011


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