Eyes of Uncertainties

Whilst I lay my cold body on the dewed grass,

I looked up to the deep, vast sky.

I can feel the icy breeze against my soaked skin; us

Is a word that caught my eye.


Confused; I asked Apollo for an answer–

“Time,” he spoke, “Then thou shall be known of truth”;

I mulled o’er the words and– wander

Off to somewhere, but only felt ruth.


Thousands of uncertainties

Filled this empty hourglass of time;

“Have you not heard my pleas?”

All I could mutter in your entirety sublime.


Forbid the sorts of your unrelenting veneer,

I must end this mask of feign kinship, unruly ties;

Only now did I know you have your leer,

How I wish– the world could hear my cries.


Jaded fears and cold-hearted sentiments,

I yearn for these things to be unwritten,

For I know words will be lost and aren’t always meant,

But in my heart you’ll never be forgotten.





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