L’epifania Di Avere La Varicella.

I had hopes of being with you today; only to be ceased by waning years of faith. Inevitable as it has been described, you tried every possibility to stay away from me. You know I never wanted this; we never wanted this to happen at all. As we have always said since, it wasn’t in our means. Don’t blame me here! When I need you the most – forget it, maybe I was being selfish. But, haven’t you thought of my discourse? It’s slowly yet recklessly eating us up. How can it be? I thought you’re protecting me until eternities are over. I have thrived in my self-loath yet again. This, I can no longer feel anything. Covered in unending blisters of failures, and feverish demises; my unjust admonish. Have I fallen under fallacious leagues? Let me falter in your favor – take away my uneasiness and insanity. Fulsomely, tears that we’ve been holding back, finally, have flooded us.

Help me not to worry; alleviate my feared and scarred dreams. Let me find myself in you – I hope to finally have those hopes of being with you again, someday.





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