In the Middle of the Night

You’re here.

In front of me, speaking so softly.

I try to revel in the things you say; I only hear

Those that my heart yearns so earnestly.

You’re here.

The rain falls down – like leaves dancing.

The solitude this moment gives us; I fear

That you’ll fathom what I’m truly feeling.

You’re here.

Your smile –it resonates your beauty.

I’m indebted.  To actually be near

You – my summed up bounty.

You’re here.

Reality – the sword to my happiness;

Never has it failed to clear

My devoured timid bluntness.

And, you’re here.

Even though ascertained, time hasn’t spoken

Darkness did not eat the mere

Ardor I have – but was taken.

Yet, You’re really here.

With me, facing and staring: countless

Words need not to be uttered. My dear,

Silence is enough – but never speechless.

And tonight, you’re here.

Never mind the doubts that had filled us,

Never cease to the lies of the rear;

For the path we’re walking, love will never pass.



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