On Faith

This is a message I sent to my friend.


I’m sharing you my decision regarding the questions I have on faith. But before all these, I’m sharing you first a story my math teacher told me. I actually told him about the queries I have regarding on faith, religion that is.

We should not blame Philosophy of Man. The only purpose it holds is to aggravate the analytical and logical thinking of man; more than ever, to understand the people itself. It never has something against on faith and the beliefs we have as a person. However though, it will help you, if not force you, to decide on things to lead you on as man who lives on the surface of earth.

And then, we can compare it to a road that suddenly splits into two. And there you are: in the intersection, not knowing, unable to decide on what road to take, and possibly; afraid of the things each path will lead us to.

As we were young, we have already have built and convicted ourselves on the things the adults have taught us, and unfortunately, some have been badly inflicted on us. It can never be avoided; there will come a time when we will be exposed to the half-truths this world has, many of them. It’s up to us, now growing, to continue living in the intricately fabricated world, and then never grow up, or seek the other halves and be enlightened. To continue on the things we have convicted ourselves into since or to choose the other path, and find and build again the things you really want to believe in.

However though, there are who are afraid to take risks, afraid to leave the comfort zones, afraid for the walls to crumble and to forever falter. And so, they chose to stay there at crossroad, not knowing they have started their unending abating.

I have chosen to start on the other path, if I may call it that. And on my humble opinion, I believe that it is better to have it like this since I will gain more knowledge, wisdom is ubiquitous, in my chosen profession. I will not leave the Catholic faith; nonetheless, I will not stand or condemn things I think are against my own beliefs and perceptions. I have given it another chance, and I got some answers. I have given it another chance to believe in Him. And I got this.

It’s not a matter of loving the religion or whatnot. It is a matter of standing and convicting to things you think and feel are right. It’s not just about seeing and hearing. It is about seeing, hearing, thinking, seizing and most of all, acting. Imbibe the scenes, the noises, the thoughts and the acts that’ll help you build yourself into a better you.

I’m halting forever the questions that only lead to more questions. Nevertheless, I am not stopping to find points I will need in forming the person I want to be. And thus, to continue on with life, armed with new knowledge and presence of mind.


“Transform your life. Rewrite your destiny.”

 -Paulo Coelho, Aleph


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