An open letter to the one who couldn’t love me back:

I don’t blame you. I understand now why you couldn’t—it took me years to learn how to love myself. And I’m still learning to love myself. And I’m writing this not to show what you’ve lost (like most bitter people do; this is not a Katy Perry song) or to self-deprecate so that I may find support from pity. No. I’m writing this because I can never have the courage to say these things to you in person. I’m writing this because the truth is you have greatly affected me.
In all honesty, you have been a constant ‘hugot’ to most of materials that I’ve written. How you never looked back at me the way I looked at you. How tragic my unrequited love for you is. In short, you were Beatrice as I was Dante. They’re maybe not Pablo Neruda or another great poet’s pieces, but to me, they’re beautiful just the same. You’re still one of the reasons why I write.
It was hard to be alone on a supposed to be two-way street. But like I said, I don’t blame you. I was hyperaware whenever you’re around. I couldn’t talk to you unless it’s really important. Let alone make an eye contact. I was so self-conscious that I forgot the most important thing: to just be myself. To not over think things. Over time, I just learned that it would be best, not only to me but to you and also to everyone around us, to just be myself and to stop making things awkward. 
Aside from having loved you, I also looked up to you. You are that person who’s strong and will always be there for their family and friends. I looked up to you because back then, you excelled in this area and I didn’t. I love it now and it will always remind me of you. I looked up to you because from what I know of you, you’re a genuine person. 
I’m serious when I say I’m really thankful that I get to love you even if you didn’t—couldn’t love me back. And those after years, I’ve finally moved forward. And my only wish is that not for you to love me back but to genuinely be happy. And that you deserve to find your own Simone. 


Ang paborito kong libro

Dahan-dahan.May pag-iingat, may pag-aaruga mong

ibinigkis ang ‘yong mga braso—kagaya ng sikat ng araw na malumanay;

mainit ngunit ‘di nakapapaso.

Malamig ngunit ‘di nakagiginaw.

Kasabay ang mahinang pagsasayaw ng hangin ay

ang tinig mong malambing na kalianma’y di magsasawang marinig.

Isang kumot na kahit pa’y maliit gugustuhing mamaluktot.

Unti-unti rin namang mawawala,

na parang bula—na nakapagpapasaya kahit saglit pa;

Kahit sa ‘sang kisapmata’y ‘di na mababalikan pa.

Parang isang daluyong malayo pa lamang

nararamdaman ko na.

Parang isang ngiti mula sa taong ‘di mo kilala

at ‘di mo akalaing kailangan mo.

Parang isang libro na walang kapantay, wala nang hihigit pa:

Binasa’t inunawa;

Hindi ko na muling mauulit pa.


Dapat bang hayaan ang nag-aalab na damdamin
Na animo’y pugon na punong-puno ng nagbabagang uling
Sa pagliyab ay di paaawat, di pasusupil sa daluyong handang humabalos;
May paghahanda man o wala. Maagapan ba ang pag-agos
ng mga luhang ngayon pa lamang makakikita ng liwanag?
Unti-unting nagbabalikwas, nagpupumiglas ang mga pintig
Na para bang di padadaig–
Mga pusong pagód na sa pananahimik:
Siguro nga’y panahon na upang hayaan ang nag-aalab na mga damdamin
Na mala-disyerto ang angking init;
Kailanma’y di mapapawi ng kahit ano pa mang tubig.

in conjunction with #WorldPoetryDay albeit late.


Ni Minsan

Sabay sa pagpihit ng hangin
ay ang pagtangis mo ng lihim;
lingid sa karamihan, ika’y nalulumbay
sa mga sandaling ‘di mawaglit, ‘di nila kayang ibigay.
Hindi mo lang alam.
Kung alam mo lang. Ika’y di maalis sa’king isip–ni minsan
‘di napagod, kahit na nakikita kita.
Nakikita kitang tumatangis kaiisip sa kanya.
Na kahit pa alam nating dalawa na wala kang halaga sa kanya.
Na kahit pa madalas sa minsan, hindi ka niya naaalala.
Na kahit pa nasasaktan ka na, pinipilit mo pa rin maging masaya.
Tanungin mo ako, ang sagot ko’y ito:
“Hayaan mong abutin ko ang kamay mo,
sana. Sana. Ito’y pakinggan mo;
dahil ni minsan pa’y di mapapagod sa pagsinta sa’yo.”
JKPN 2016

10 Great Quotes from Writers about Love

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‘All life is just a progression toward, and then a recession from, one phrase – “I love you.”’ – F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘Self-love seems so often unrequited.’ – Anthony Powell

‘You cannot save people, you can only love them.’ – Anaïs Nin

Quotes about Love‘The Bible tells us to love our neighbours, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.’ – G. K. Chesterton

‘Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.’ – Henry Fielding

‘Of course it’s possible to love a human being – if you don’t know them too well.’ – Charles Bukowski

‘To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.’ – Jane Austen

‘There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.’ – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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They are all presented in the original Middle English, because here at Interesting Literature we believe that that’s the best way to read the poems. This does mean that several words/phrases need glossing, so we’ve done this briefly before each poem. All of these poems were written (or at least written down) some time during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: our source for them is the excellent Penguin book of Medieval…

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Cold Afternoon.

Yes. It’s definitely a cold afternoon. Not because the weather’s good but because of the loneliness in my heart.


There goes my heart. Fluttering over someone whom I’ve been loving for almost 3 years, and on going. Of course. Of course. Why would I ever let go of that someone when I know he’s the ANGEL of my life?


He’s happily in love with someone else. And, yes. I’ve been loving him secretly for those 3 years.

I felt a tear fall down on my cheeks. I wiped it out. Will all my love be in vain?

Yeah. I forgot. I vowed.

I have vowed to love him forever. Even if he doesn’t love me back. He’s my reality now. It’s not over yet.


I should be a doctor first. Right. I’ll be a doctor first. Then.

Then and only then we can be together.

Please. Wait for me. Don’t put my love in vain.