Indak ng mga nota ng panahong nawaglit ka sa aking piling.

kasi ako’y naging biktima ng pagkakataon: isang pangungutya ng pagkakataon. ako’y patawarin, ito’y dinggin.


sa hangin na dumuduyan

sa bawat ugoy

ng mga salitang

p a r i t o ‘ t – p a r o o n

na umukit sa mga bituin

sa langit; iaalay ko’ng lahat

makita ko lamang

ang ngiti

na umiindak

sa’yong matatam-is

na mga labi: bukas,

bukas nang muli

ang mga brasong

sabik na sabik

sa init ng ‘yong pag-ibig.


minsan pa’y

ibabaling ang tingin…






#Hashtag #PetPeeve

This is totally something uncalled for. I tried to blink away the fogginess my head stirs in. And maybe. Just maybe, this would appear utterly nonsense. Actually, it might make no sense at all. But I hope you find yourself nodding as take the whole point in this. A little something after aeons of not writing (at least, well, in a poetic sense). And may you find yourself cracking a smile or two as you finish this. lol





I yearn to write right beside you.

But the right to right the wrongs I’ve done

has been taken away from me.

Just as you were; where I’ll never find you. Or you me.

Albeit, you’re your own person, and thus

I pray fervently it’s still us in the end.

And the sun shone its shine, bathing us in its warmth.

Let’s not ask who are we to share with in the future,

nor whom we’ve shared with in the past.

For which I’ll lay bare: even my darkest secret.

And perhaps, forget all the rest and just lie down.

Ironically, as it seems, we move farther

a w a y

from each other…

And yet, you remained buried, further down my heart.

And in spite of everything that I’ve said,

Life is what we make it.